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Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

click on any image to enlarge The patterns in ice fascinate me. Even the crows don’t want carrots.  Not sure why the person tossed this. I expect it was free.  Free things have no value to those who receive them. Approaching the CJ compound Looks like this is about to escape the compound. Once out, […]

The World – Russiagate Is This Generation’s WMD

Authored by Matt Taibbi, excerpted from his serial book Hate Inc., The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it… Note to readers: in light of news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation is complete, I’m releasing this chapter of Hate Inc. early, with a few new details added up […]

Thunder Bay – Community Organizations Struggling To Maintain Enrolment

Community organizations struggling to maintain enrollment Community organizations and fraternities across the country have been struggling to maintain enrollment numbers and in an effort to attract younger generations to compliment an aging membership, one local fraternity is laying out some new ideas on the table. “The whole idea is we are trying to get the […]

The World – The Clown World Of Reality 2019

Yes, the world has gone crazy.  Keep an eye out for references to Canada.  This country is the worst. Bestiality is legal.  Facts are hate speak.