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Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Trash cans should be mandatory in this city. I see this kind of thing, if not worse, every week. Sigh…cycling on the sidewalk while drinking coffee.  You don’t get much more Thunder Bay “zero” than this. A new sign.  Thing is that there is no construction going on.  Nothing.  Why not?  Why is the City […]

Thunder Bay – We Made Another List! Hurrah!

Study finds high levels of deadly blood cancer in Ontario industrial cities A recent study from Montreal’s McGill University has found “striking” levels of a deadly blood cancer clustered in Ontario cities including Hamilton, Sarnia and Thunder Bay. The peer-reviewed study, which was published in February in the journal Cancer, examined 18,085 cases of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) reported […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

I love the sunshine but its tough taking photos at high noon. The light at that time of day is not good.  But I try anyway.  Its the only way to learn. Not exactly complementary colours but close enough. Not a fan of this car parking in this spot. Never have been.  The sign across […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Looks like some tourists brought their own vehicle over from Europe. I’m guessing Germans. Its got a snorkel on it.  I wonder where this vehicle expects to go? There are vehicles parked in the four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel valet parking lot.  No valet service that i can see so far. Still a […]

Canada – Any Chance The Media Bailout Would Not Be Politicized Has Now Vanished

Any chance the media bailout would not be politicized has now vanished On Wednesday the government announced the names of the organizations it had chosen to be represented on the “independent panel” it has struck to advise it how to give money to newspapers, out of the nearly $600 million set aside in the budget […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Scandinavian Deli is relocating to Arthur Street in Fort William. Unsung Thunder Bay hero busy picking up trash on a sunny day. Me and my shadow…. Trash in context. I photographed this area before but it looks like more trash has been dumped since then.   Trash in context One ugly fly. I could not […]

Ontario – The Game Of Political Budget Chess

Ontario Premier Doug Ford cancelling retroactive cuts to municipalities In the face of growing public opposition and sagging poll numbers, Ontario Premier Doug Ford cancelled retroactive cuts to municipalities for this year, setting the stage for a battle over next year’s funding. The decision prevents municipalities having to find hundreds of millions of dollars in […]

Thunder Bay – Must Protect These Jobs…During An Election Campaign

Federal minister encourages province to protect jobs at Thunder Bay Bombardier plant The head of the union representing more than 1,100 workers at the Thunder Bay Bombardier plant remains optimistic more orders will be placed for additional mass transit vehicles in southern Ontario following a letter from a federal minister urging the province to help the […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Scandinavian Deli on Bay Street is no more. Its moving but to where? Sign is gone. MV Federal Dee Culvert that was installed at the new intersection constructed at the Pool 6 property last fall is being taken away.  I guess with the new ditches constructed, this culvert is no longer necessary.  We will see. […]

Ontario – Ontario Eliminates Indigenous Culture Funds

Ontario eliminates Indigenous Culture Fund, cuts millions for the arts Ontario has eliminated a fund supporting Indigenous culture as the government cuts tens of millions of dollars in arts funding — a decision that is being slammed as short-sighted. The Progressive Conservatives are attempting to trim an $11.7-billion deficit and are cutting spending in a […]