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Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Looks like people are using this as a trash dump. Still butterflies around. American Lady. Another American Lady butterfly.  Could be the same one for all I know. Leased Lot #3 today.  You can see the granite blocks being installed.   MV Federal Cedar in foreground with MV Spruceglen in background MV Federal Beaufort  MV […]

The World – ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’ : Scientists Call For Reasoned Debate

‘There Is No Climate Emergency’: Scientists Call for Reasoned Debate The message was clear: “There is no climate emergency.” With those five simple words, a global network of scientists and professionals attempted to inject reasonableness and decorum into what should be a robust discussion about a complex scientific and public policy issue, but has instead degenerated into […]

The World – Did GMO Apocalypse Plan Backfire In Brazil?

GMO insects…what could possibly go wrong? Did a gene-modified mosquito apocalypse plan backfire in Brazil? Study says ‘Yes,’ company says ‘No’ An experiment to sabotage Brazil’s mosquito population by releasing 450,000 gene-modified insects may have backfired, says a new study. The insect-breeding company is fighting back against the claims. Editor’s note: The article has been […]