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The World – Bill Gates To The Rescue

After this plague apocalypse is done, there is a good chance that vaccination will become mandatory. Great you say. It means that you will no longer have any say what governments and their corporate overlords inject in your bodies. How many freedoms and rights are we prepared to give up for “our own good”?  Right […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

The harbour ice has this stripe look right now. MV Tim S. Dool The Pond Pavilion “dock” has erosion issues.  The pond was supposed to be a paddle boat site as per the original Prince Arthur’s Landing plan.  That never did happen.  This was to be the dock. Busy at work plague apocalypse or no […]

The World – How Long Will The Lockdown Last?

He makes some good points.  We need to test a lot of people before any long range lockdown predictions can be made. Presently, we are operating in the dark. Making decisions without any data to back those decisions up.   How many people are/have been infected symptomatically?  We don’t know.  It could be the majority of […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Not sure what this is. Looks like it is still good.  Probably full of plague cooties though. Trying to escape from the CJ compound Instead of keeping it in the car and throwing it in the trash when you get home, you can just toss it in the ditch. Its the Thunder Bay way. MV […]

The World – Immunity Certificates Are Coming, Just Not Sure When

“Immunity Certificates” Are Coming – COVID-Survivors To Get ‘Special Passports’ Enabling Return To ‘Normalcy’ The rollout of immunity certificates across the world will likely be government-issued to first responders and citizens who have developed resistance to COVID-19. People who have contracted the virus and have recovered, normally develop antibodies to fight the virus, could be their golden […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Still upright. Probably the only area of Marina Park that is not accessible by people with mobility issues.  Built last year.  No ramp. Bag full of plague cooties? MV Tim S. Dool looks like its ready to leave. Dove hair spray.  People drink hair spray. I’d love to but I can’t. Daffodils so far. Snow […]

Canada – Tam Says There Are Situations Where Wearing A Homemade Mask Outside Is ‘A Good Idea’

Tam says there are situations where wearing a homemade mask outside is ‘a good idea’ Officials in Canada have been wary of recommending masks, wanting the public to focus on the essential measures of physical distancing and frequent washing of hands. But the messaging has begun to shift to include a place for homemade masks. […]

Ontario – There Are Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

He brings up some interesting points. According to the provincial government’s latest fear-porn release, f the province were to do nothing to combat the plague apocalypse, over the next 24 months, 100,000 could die. On any given year, 100,000 people die in the province. Sooo, how many of that 100,000 plague victims would have died […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

The sidewalk was covered with pebbled ice. Human and gull Human, gull and crow MV Tim S. Dool Snow sculptures today I think the bear is still there but the beaver may be gone. I can’t tell for sure. Geese were checking out what’s left of the newspaper carrier.  

Canada – They Lied To Us To Cover Up Their Massive Incompetence

They lied and now we all have to pay… Try get a mask now.  All our masks are made by other countries and those countries are now keeping all those masks for themselves. Soooo, I guess when we are ordered to wear masks whenever we are outside, and yes that order is coming, we will […]