Thunder Bay – Monday

The DSSAB apartment complex under construction at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Street

Snowed Sunday. Monday, the wind was blowing it around

Obligatory shopping cart photo

Drilling taking place..again down at the proposed site of the $40 million Waterfront Art Gallery.

The sign is still blank

Another interesting horizon out on the lake

Wind blowing the snow

A lone skater

How deep is this snow?  Not as deep as you think.

Love photographing that lighthouse with that light.


A lone loiter (should be loiterer)

In Thunder Bay, the trash adds colour in a world of white.

Its been closed for quite a while now. Nobody seems to be interested in that location…for anything.

Cathy’s is still for sale.  Maybe if he removed the Male Leaf’s sign from the window? That might help sell the place.

Blowing snow.


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  1. sdisturber
    sdisturber at | | Reply

    “Loiter” is the verb. “Loiterer” is the noun.

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