Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Another feral mitten

Car parts.

Drilling continues.  I guess the final design as well as the final cost estimate of the proposed $40 million art gallery has not yet been completed.  Are these trying to get an idea of just how contaminated the ground is here?

The waterfront sign is still empty.

Nice clouds

Animal tracks. Coyote?

Empty today

Illegally parked vehicles is the only way deliveries are made to the restaurant located in the Water Garden Pavilion.   I have never seen a delivery vehicle down there that was not parked illegally. Time of day? Lunch time. Season? All year round.

Truck parked facing wrong way at this intersection.  Parked too close to intersection, facing wrong direction in a no parking zone.

A crane is back at the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.

A ray of light

Pedestrian overpass is relatively clean for a change.

Obligatory shopping cart photo

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