Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Obligatory shopping cart photo

Drilling continues around the site of the proposed $40 million art gallery. All these areas were drilled last summer.  This drilling is addition to that work.  The fact that the work is being done in January is interesting.  Extra cost?

Ships coming into Thunder Bay to spend the winter.  The first ship is the MV Thunder Bay.  The second is the CSL Assiniboine.

Where the ships are headed. Keefer Terminal.  Presently, the MV Whitefish Bay is tied up there.

The MV Thunder Bay

The tugs Point Valour and Glenda breaking the ice around the MV Whitefish Bay getting the area ready for the MV Thunder Bay

The MV G3 Marquis

The CSL Assiniboine

The MV Thunder Bay approaches. The tugs head over to assist in the docking.

Getting close.

Pretty much done.  The MV CSL Assiniboine will park right behind them.  Photos of the finished scene tomorrow.

A big crane has returned to the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Lots of people but only one with skates on.  Notice the car parked on the pedestrian that links the Baggage Building (Freight Office) with the Waterfront Pavilion/Fountain area.

Loiterers hanging out on the pedestrian overpass. What else is new?

No bubble system around these docks on Pier 2.

But there is on theses docks along Pier 3.

Waiting to cross the tracks at the Camelot Street entrance.  Waited a long time.

The loiterer group hanging out in the pedestrian overpass has increased.

More shopping carts.  I might have photographed these before.  Some feral shopping carts have been in their locations for months or even years.

Thunder Bay, the City of Rainbows.

The Waverley Park pavilion construction continues.  Under the tarps, bricks are being laid.


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