Thunder Bay – Gas Tax Funding To Enhance Public Transit/Roots To Harvest Steps Up For SOS Program

Gas tax funding to enhance public transit

The Thunder Bay city transit fleet will be receiving an upgrade with the help of annual funding from the province.

On Wednesday, Thunder Bay-Atikokan MPP, Bill Mauro, announced the city would receive $2 million from the annual gas tax fund.

“Part of what we are trying to do as a government is provide relief to municipalities so they have the ability to control their taxes as best they are able and still be able to provide good quality public services to the people they are elected to represent,” Mauro said.

The gas tax fund provides municipalities with two cents per litre of gas tax revenues annually. The fund fluctuates from year to year and is based on usage. Last year, the city received just under $2 million and according to Mauro, Thunder Bay has received $25 million in total gas tax funding.   – Tbnewswatch

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Another example of a politician using a large media event to draw the public’s attention to the fact that he/she is giving us back some of the money that was taken from us.  Taken from us at the point of a gun.  And we should be Oh soooo grateful.  How grateful?  Grateful enough to vote for that politician this fall.

Do I think that a tax on gasoline being used to fund public transit is a good thing?  Yes.  Public transit is a good thing.   But its our money!  We are being given back our own money!  Why the large media event showing a politician giving us back our own money?

Roots to Harvest steps up for SOS program

Just one day after the revelation that Shelter House Thunder Bay had been forced to suspend its Street Outreach Services program, another community organization is offering a helping hand.

Roots to Harvest will allow the Shelter House SOS team to use its van as a temporary replacement for the SOS vehicle that was pulled off the road after it developed serious mechanical problems on the weekend.

Roots to Harvest provides educational and employment opportunities for youth to participate in local agriculture. – Tbnewswatch

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When I read stories like this, I wonder if the company doing the good deed would have done that good deed, if it was not being covered in the media.  If it was given zero publicity.  Would Roots to Harvest still have loaned the SOS program their van if there was no publicity attached? You know, good PR?  Hmm….Virtue signalling?  Why not just drive over and hand over the keys?  Did the key handing over ceremony have to be covered by all the major local media organizations? No. It did not, so why was it?

Its not enough to do good. Instead, that act of good must be seen by as many people as possible. That makes me question the motivation behind that act of kindness.

Speaking of kindness, Roots to Harvest is a program that only exists through the kindness of strangers.  In other words, suckling on the public teat.  No government funding, no Roots to Harvest.

Governments need to put a cap on how long they will support programs. Eventually, programs such as Roots to Harvest need to be self funding.  I always thought five years is a good length of time.  Five years and then government funds stop.  That funding can then be directed to other programs.

I believe that if a program actually benefits a community, then the community will support that program.  People and businesses will support that program…voluntarily.  If not, then that program needs to disappear. (previous related posts here, here)

Its the same with the proposed $40 million waterfront art gallery.  Public support for that art gallery needs to step up and contribute at least a third , maybe even half of the cost.  Public support can only be measured by dollars.  People and companies willing to get some skin in the game.  If a community will not financially support the construction of a $40 million art gallery, then it does not deserve a $40 million art gallery.  Not tax dollars. Money handed over voluntarily

Government needs to concentrate on original core services.  The basics.  Governments have to stop trying to be everything to everyone.  They cannot afford to do so.

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