Thunder Bay – Thursday

What a difference a day makes

..take one down, pass it around, one less bottle of beer on the wall

Yes, but the roads were clear

The wind was blowing snow

The view out in the bay

Drilling at the south end of Marina Park continues

The waterfront sign is still blank

Big crane still there

Ships tied up for the winter

You can see the MV Whitfish Bay, the MV Thunder Bay and the MV CSL Assiniboine at Keefer Terminal and the G3 Marquis at the old CN Ore Dock

Blowing snow

Looks like some windows have glass in them

No Sleeping Giant out there

Wish I thought of that back when I had a car

Some surprise there

..yes but the streets are clear

Looks like another business has left the north downtown core

…yes, but the streets are clear

Might be time to either fix this or remove it.  I cannot remember the last time this thing was in working order.


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