Thunder Bay – Thursday

Someone is missing the bottom of a shoe.

Railway crossing signals located at the Pearl Street entrance to Marina Park were pretending that a train was approaching. There was no train but the gate arms were down, lights were flashing and the bell was ringing. This was went on for….I have no idea.  Vehicles just drove around the gate arms.

Vehicles driving over the centre median.  This is just one more poorly designed feature among many poorly designed features that make up our $71 million plus premier tourist destination.

I am sure you can see why vehicle are driving over the median.

Went back and took another photo of the post. Yesterday’s photo of this post had the tip cut off.

Took more photos of the posts while I was there. They look cool sticking out of the snow.

Door mechanism broken by children. Parents of these children allowed them to push the handicap access button over and over and over again, opening and closing the door over and over and over again, until it stopped working.

Snow sculpture box forms are being filled with snow.

Snow was trucked specially for this.  From where? Good question.  The snow is very clean.

The Waverley Park Pavilion. The concrete base looks like it is complete….or close to completion.

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