Thunder Bay – Friday

More construction trash along Water Street.  The reno of the DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Water and Cumberland Street is the source.  It should be interesting to see just how much of this foam waste is littering the city and how much ends up in the lake.  Must be awful being a neighbour of this building.

Also Water Street means newspaper trash as well.  Lots of that blowing around now and then.

In winter, people visiting the Viewing Circle at the end of Pier 2 take a short cut.  Instead of walking around the circle using the ramp, they just use the improvised stairs.

Not wheelchair friendly but considering the trail leading to the Viewing Circle is not maintained during the winter, I guess it does not matter.  Handicapped people don’t get to use this feature of the City of Thunder Bay’s $71million plus four season, premier tourist destination.  Not Pier 3 either. It is also closed to the public for half the year.

This short cut makes sense to me, but what do I know.  I use it.

Newspaper trash in the park.

Empty LCBO bag in the park.  What a surprise!

Not sure why someone would buy a burger and not eat it.   It used to be the rule of thumb that you drank a red wine with beef, but I think that is no longer the case.  Still, its empty red wine bottles that I see on the waterfront.  Empty red wine bottles and empty beer cans.

Looks like there were fries as well.  Of course, this is from McDonalds.  I passed the empty bag.

I see the Urban Lounge is in full swing today.  People relaxing after a hard day doing whatever they do during the day.

Why would anyone walk through there with a group of loiterers like this hanging out in there? The answer is they wouldn’t.  I avoid the place when anyone is standing there.  You never know what situation you are going to be walking into…and its a tunnel.

Thunder Bay is known as “Murder City” and I for one am not looking to become a crime statistic.

Obligatory shopping cart photo.

Another big snow storm and the hydrant will be buried.

The Court Street waterline break repaired earlier this week.  Come spring, this will be a mess.  Its already looking worse for wear.

Sidewalk bicycle rider.

Not sure why this section of boulevard was cleared of snow.  But it was.

There is a small park that nobody uses.  I can’t see that being the reason.  Who knows?  Anyway, they did.

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