The World – Jane Fonda And Jimmy Dore Point Out That Justin Trudeau Is Full Of Shit

Jimmy Dore uses a Jane Fonda speech to point out that our Virtue-Signler-In-Chief Justin Trudeau is full of shit. Oh yes….He sure is.

Trudeau is a pretty faced, sweet talking Neoliberal.   Turns out a pretty faced, sweet talking Neoliberal is worse than a Donald Trump.

With a Donald Trump, you know where he stands.  With pretty faced, sweet talking Neoliberals such as Trudeau and before him, Barack Obama, they promise you hope and change.  These pretty faced, sweet talking Neoliberals go to events such as the Paris Climate Change Conference and talk about cutting green house gases. Tell us just how important it is to stop pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Make all sorts of promises and commitments.  They do all that, then turn around and do the exact opposite.

But because they are pretty faced, sweet talking Neoliberlas with great smiles, we ignore all that. We just keep loving them.  They can do no wrong.

Meanwhile, we hate Donald Trump.  Why? He is doing exactly the same thing as Obama did before him and Bush did before him and Clinton did before him.  Trump is doing the same thing as Trudeau is doing now. They all choose jobs over the environment.  They will always choose jobs over the environment…no matter what else they say or promise.

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