Thunder Bay – Saturday

Went on a road trip to Fort William today. With the talk about bring the tug James Whalen and the Via Rail train over from the Kam River Park, I thought I would go check things out over there.

This is starting to become one of my favourite shots. Looking up at a street light against a clear blue sky.

Anyone ever go here?  I wonder how many people even know where it is?

The same with the Thunder Bay Museum. Once, I was stopped in the north end of the city by a visitor asking me how to get to the Thunder Bay Museum. You try and give directions to a visitor in this city. The name street situation is insane.

I have no idea if the person made it there.  Probably gave up and left.

Thunder Bay Historical Museum. For some reason, the City of Thunder Bay is pushing for a $40 million waterfront art gallery instead of a $40 million historical museum. I have no idea why.  Museums are tourist attractions. They are educational They a have a cultural component. They can have an indigenous peoples component.  Transportation.

We have a rich history here that dates back hundreds of years. Why are our high salaried residents of City Hall ignoring that?  Why all those tens of millions of sweet, sweet taxpayer dollars going toward a brand new privately run facility when all the publicly owned facilities are rusting and rotting away from neglect?  I wonder….

I am sure that if the public had a vote, a new museum would easily trounce the art gallery.

As you can see, no snow clearing taking place at this park.

This thing.  Its shiny.  Have you ever seen it?

Hmmm…what’s this?

A backpack

A razor and tube of toothpaste. More trash left in a city park.

No snow clearing in Kam River Park.  What is that rust bucket on the right of the photo?

Why…its the tug James Whalen.  Rusting and rotting and being completely ignored in Kam River Park.  Bring on the tourists!

Looks like someone walked across the river..or tried to.

Ahhh…the VIA Rail train. The other piece of transportation history on display that is rusting and rotting and being completely ignored in Kam River Park. Bring on the tourists!

The train used to look like new.  Not now.  This is another disgraceful example of just how our high salaried residents of City Hall let infrastructure die slow deaths because of neglect.

Sad to see.

Like I said, no snow removal along the walkway.  Still, people are not barred from using this walkway during the winter. People are barred from walking along Pier 3 in Marina Park for almost half the year.

The underpass.

Imagine that.  The City of Thunder Bay actually wants people to see the rusting and rotting tug and train?  Why?  Has City Hall no shame?

Love this sign. The business closed long ago.

They have these over there as well.

The person who has to drive around and collect the shopping carts.  I believe he gets paid for each cart.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church. 

Behind what used to be McKella General Hospital

St. Patrick’s Cathederal

Victoriaville Parkade.

With a fisheye lens

Never been in this place.  My drinking days ended before this place existed.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

City Hall.

May Street.

The former Royal Edward Hotel. Art Deco look.

The former Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.  They saved the facade.


Painting signs on the side of buildings used to be a thing.

Victoria Avenue leading up to Victoriaville.  Will the mall be torn down?  Will Victoria Avenue become a through street again?

Inside the mall.

A fence beside the Skihaus.

First-Wesley United Church

Clothes if you need them.

Back of the Skihaus.

Another mural that few people will see. Too bad.

This one is more visible.

Used to be the newspaper of Fort William.  Port Arthur had the News Chronicle. After the two cities amalgamated back in 1970, the newspapers merged.  The merged company put out two daily papers. There was a morning paper, The Times News and an evening paper, The Chronicle Journal.  The Times news eventually disappeared leaving only the Chronicle Journal which we still have today.

Another sign painted on the side of a building.

An empty hairspray bottle.  Haven’t seen one of those for a while.

A Federal Building.


The City of Thunder Bay needs to get the colour of the trash cans/recycle cans straight.  Blue? Green?  Which is recycling and which is trash?

An empty wine carton. I wonder why cartons of wine are not a thing in the northside’s Urban Lounge AKA: Pedestrian Overpass?  I guess Kelly’s Wine does not come in a carton.

They now feature axe throwing at the Roylaton Hotel.  Yes…its a thing all across the country.  They actually throw short-handled axes.  Closer to hatches than axes.

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