Thunder Bay – Sunday

This raven has got something to eat.

Action at the DSSAB apartment building at the corner of Cumberland and Water Streets.

Might be serious.

Looks like this might be making a break for it. Escaping the Chronicle Journal compound.

These guys will have to wait until spring. Why can’t this company keep its trash in the trash container?  Why doe it think that allowing its trash to blow all over the neighbourhood is OK?

Some frost

Cloud lines.

Snow sculpturing should start later this week.

This sign has to go.  It does not fit the building.  The City of Thunder Bay spends millions repairing the outside of the building but left this sign?  Get rid of it.

The Lyceum Building continues to be an eyesore in the northcore.  Unpainted plywood covered windows and doors,  Trash laying all around.  Graffiti all over. Bring on the tourists!

This illegally parked truck’s rear bumper is butting up against the crosswalk.  An extremely dangerous situation…but here in Thunder Bay, this is OK.  Why is this allowed?

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