Thunder Bay – Monday

The Water Street sidewalk that runs between Bay Street and Wilson Street. There is a significant amount “styrofoam” present.   The source is the DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Cumberland and water Streets.  That building is undergoing an upgrade of its windows and the surrounding panel.  No attempt was made to contain construction materials from blowing all over the area.

This is not unusual in Thunder Bay as there does not appear to be any restrictions placed on contractors as to how much construction debris can leave the work site.

This foam material does not breakdown.  It stays in the environment forever.

Of course, the same stretch of sidewalk borders the Chronicle Journal compound.

A major crack in the $2million plus parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park. Paved last year.  Last June to be exact.

Bananas are a good source of potassium.

This is a crosswalk to the new parking lot. Notice that it is not cleared of snow?  How are people who park there supposed to get to the rec trails?

Still four condos for sale?  How bad can those condos be?  They must really suck.


Obligatory shopping cart photo

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