Thunder Bay – Monday

The joys of on-street parking. Who is supposed to clear the snow that was not removed by the grader?  Not the owner of the car apparently.  The owner of the car just drives away.  Zero responsibility.  No driveway to shovel.  Why does anyone have a driveway?  Seems stupid to me.

Just how much more snow can you fit between the street and sidewalk?

How do you get to the parking meter?

Those bootprints are mine.  Who else would be stupid enough to walk down Pier 1?

Or walk down Pier 2?

A couple of skaters.

How are the snow sculptures doing?  The weather has turned warm.  The sun is taking its toll.  Lots of photos.  Good practice for me.

More joy of on-street parking photos

A splash zone area on the sidewalk.  Beware when you walk on the city’s sidewalks now.

The CJ compound.  Looking to escape onto public streets and sidewalks.

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