Thunder Bay – Friday

Looks like another large tree is about to bite the dust.

This reminds me that Easter is at the end of the month. Do we still celebrate Easter?  Is it OK?  Will it be called something else soon?  Something more “inclusive” such as “Spring”.  You know…Happy Spring!

Of course, the people living in the southern hemisphere don’t have spring in March.  Soooo…

Anyway, expect Easter to official disappear soon just as Christmas has.  Happy Holidays!

A Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle on the street where it belongs.  Even a busy Water Street does not phase her. Too bad that more Thunder Bay cyclists don’t have her courage and confidence.

A group of loiterers hanging out in the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass).  I wonder what they are doing?

New Marina Park parking lot pavement cracking.

The spill trail is still there.  Its not water.  It originates from the Pool 6 property.

It was a relatively, heavy, constant flow.  Not just a small drip.

Something was driving around near the proposed site of the $40 million publicly funded but privately run waterfront art gallery.

This Marina Park railing needs to be painted.  Sanded and painted.  What do you think the odds are that this work is included in the 2018 budget?  I’m guessing that the odds are zero.

Is that snow or sun?

Welcome Island.  Privately owned.  People living out there in the summer?  Year round?

How are the snow sculptures doing?  Not good.

Bread is still there. Not very popular with the birds. Good thing too because that stuff is no good for man or beast.

Hmmm..Gord Downie’s hat has some things stuck into it.  Is this reinforcement?  Interesting.

Wood and metal rods?   I wonder what else is going to show up as the piece melts?

As  I said before. This pulloff area should be reserved for people that pick-up and drop off things at the Baggage Building (Freight Office). Fifteen minute parking tops.

Anything longer should be using one of the two parking lots that are a very short walk from this point.

Until the City of Thunder Bay enforces parking and no-parking regulations in the city, people will ignore the signs.  Thunder Bay drivers are too lazy to get out of their vehicles let alone walk more than 10 metres.

Ooooo…looks like the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass) was busy.  The bottles are still there so it had to have happened recently.  Last night? This morning?

Ahhhhh..good old Kelly’s Finest.  The official wine of Prince Arthur’s Landing and official sponsor of the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass).

I wonder how Thunder Bay’s LCBO outlets stack up in per capita sales?  I wonder which LCBO outlet sells the most Kelly’s AppertifAndrew Peller Ltd. who makes Kelly’s Aperitif  should come to Thunder Bay and sponsor an event.   The city has to have some of the company’s best sales numbers.

Interestingly, Wayne Gretzky Estate wine is produced by the same company. Small world.

Oooo a third empty bottle.

What’s in the trash?  Anything recyclable in there?  It does not matter as it all will end up in the landfill.  This is Thunder Bay after all.

I have been to many cities around the world. The only continent that I have not traveled to is Antarctica.

In all my travels, I have never seen as many empty beer cans and wine bottles laying around the streets of any city, anywhere in the world, as I see here in Thunder Bay every day.  Seriously.  This city has a big problem, and its not racism.

Pole getting replaced.

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