The World – Lets Get Rid Of The Language Police

Why not let language evolve naturally?  Why do we have to change the way the majority speak because a tiny minority feeling’s are hurt? The term for this tiny group of social justice delicates is snowflakes.

If terms like mankind (yes Justin Trudeau. I’m looking at you) and guys need to be eliminated from our vocabulary, they will be, naturally as fewer and fewer people use them. changing how we speak by using the hammer of the law will only create resentment and conflict.

Language changes on its own. It evolves naturally.  It has since whatever-the -new-term-for-humans is has used language.  We don’t need no stinkin’ language police.

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  1. Skippy
    Skippy at | | Reply

    Humankind (Homo sapiens) is the full real term, includes male and female …. mankind is a shorten version. All others are made up terms by a modern mixed up society.

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