Thunder Bay – Saturday

Is this what a murder looks like?

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.  Spring is almost here so the cowardly assholes that ride their bikes on sidewalks will soon be making their appearance.  Thunder Bay…

The pole that was changed on Wilson Street yesterday.  The old one looks pretty new.  I wonder why it was replaced?

Was it hit by a vehicle?  Looks possible.

Cars are parked in the lot at the corner of Pearl and Court Streets.  You can see the illegally parked cars that are always Court Street on Saturday, making the life of the city’s pedestrians just a little more dangerous.

Anyway, the entrance to that parking lot is illegal.  You can’t have cars entering and exiting a parking lot at an intersection.  In all cities in the world, this violates some traffic act, but not in Thunder Bay.

The actual entrance to the lot is further up Pearl Street. Sadly, that entrance is blocked off.  Now you would think that barriers across an entrance would signal that the entrance is closed to everyone.  Yes, but this is Thunder Bay.

You can clearly see the illegal entrance being used.  The actual closed entrance is just off of the left side of the photo.  How do you leave that lot safely?

More Thunder Bay rainbows.

Shopping cart is still there.  Here, under the snow, are a bunch of empty canola oil boxes waiting to join the feral oil boxes that are roaming around the park.

Lots of tracks in the area where drilling took place last winter. The City of Thunder bay has $1 million to spend thanks to the provincial government.

Some annual tracks. I wonder if they belong to one of the lynxes?

Looks like the table could be used as a way over the fence.

Crows chasing a bird of prey.  A hawk.  Red-Tailed Hawk? The trail of the fluid spilling vehicle

It left the park via Pearl Street entrance/exit.

Still only 4 for sale?

Nothing happening here as well?

Dropping debris into the bin

Hmm…I think that the pull-off should be used for short -term pick ups and deliveries at the Baggage Building.  That is why it was put there. Its not to be used as an all day parking area.

If a vehicle is parked there every day, then it must belong to a worker.  If it belongs to a worker, then that worker needs to park that vehicle in one of the two parking lots that are nearby.

Sooo, how are the snow sculptures doing?

The Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass)

Hmmm…wine stains?  Blood stains? I wonder if these things will ever be gone forever?   Will the windows will ever be clean again?

What’s in the trash?

An empty beer can on a Thunder Bay sidewalk.  What a surprise!

Could put those IN the trash can but leaving them sitting on top is sooo much better.

Its closed.

Another north core business closes.

New four-unit apartment complex being built at the corner of Bay and Secord Streets. I’m glad that something is finally happening with the former (City of Thunder Bay?) parking lot.

What does a pumpkin look like after four months of freezing temperatures?

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