Thunder Bay – Sunday

Seeing a lot of discarded orange peels around town. Interesting.

Empty pill bottle.

Yup…lots of these around.

The Court Street hole has been filled with asphalt. Something that should have been done last fall.  Why was it not done last fall?  Filled and capped by the comapny that did the work?

Broken Court Street water line repair/excavation is settling. You can see that asphalt had to be added to north end to make a ramp.

Expect it to get worse as the ground thaws out.

That orange Jeep might as well be parked in the intersection.

Any closer and it would be parked on the crosswalk.

This illegally parked vehicle makes the intersection dangerous for pedestrians.

LCBO bag.  I bet its not the last bag I will see today.

Glare ice on the sidewalk.  Created by runoff from a parking lot freezing overnight. Would the water flow off of the sidewalk if the snowbanks were not there?  Good question.

Obligatory shopping cart photo.

Poo bag.

The traffic light was continually red for any Pearl Street vehicles wanting to cross Water Street and enter the park.

How water drains off of the new street constructed next to the parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park.  There are no catchbasins on the west side of the street (right side in photo) so all water has to flow across the street. Interesting as normally there are catchbasins on both sides of the street.

Interesting frost designs.

Funny to watch parents with the children on the rink. No parent wears a helmet.  No matter how poor a skater the parent is, they refuse to wear a helmet.  They would rather suffer a head injury, possibly becoming a bedridden vegetable for the rest of their lives, than put an the same head protection that they require their children to wear.  Lead by example is my motto.  Your kids will love you for it.

Then there are the parents who don’t have skates but still walk out on the ice.  Not only do they risk their safety but also drag salt and sand onto the ice surface.

Soo how are the snow sculptures doing?

Hmm…not much left

Looks like a piece of the shark’s head has broken off. Happened since I arrived.

Someone has broken off the body of the Thinker’s Not Thinking Anymore.

Mandatory lighthouse photos.


Once again I believe that the pulloff area needs to be reserved for short term pick-up and deliveries to the Baggage Building.  You know, 15 minutes or so max.

Vehicles use that pulloff for all day parking which I believe is wrong. There are two parking lots nearby that workers and visitors can use…for free.  Until the City of Thunder Bay enforces parking regulations in the park, people will ignore them.

Oxy Clean would get those stains out.

Empty can. Paint can?  Hair spray can?

The underside of the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass).

The back of the Lyceum building.

Shoppers Drug Mart. If you are missing a shopping cart, I know where it is.

Smokers are the worst litterers in the city.

Hogarth Fountain, Waverley Park.  Or as the City of Thunder Bay would call it, Waverley Park splash pad.  Yes, its in a cage.Trees in the park. When will they start cutting these trees down?

The Waverly Park pavilion.

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