Thunder Bay – Saturday

A pair of bald eagles off in the distance.  My goal this year is to get a really good photo of a bald eagle.

Turns cold so snow melt became ice again.

As far south as you can go on Pool 6 property without stepping on railway property.  That overpass in the distance is the Central Avenue overpass.  If you could reach that street, then you can walk all the way to Mission Marsh.  But you can’t.  Why has that one kilometer gap never been filled in? If it was,  people could walk all the way from  MacDougall Street in the north to Mission Marsh in the south.

If the City of Thunder Bay filled the half a kilometer gap between MacDougall Street and Shipyard Drive, then people could walk from Boulavard Lake to Mission Marsh. One and a half kilometers…that is not a huge distance to get a trail stretching across almost all of the city’s waterfront.

click on image to enlarge.  Red line is existing walkable trail.  Yellow line is gap in trail






Out in the Pool 6 property.


Might be a sign that there was “intelligent” life here when future archaeologists from another planet investigate Earth.

Walking through the Urban Lounge…

The urinal..

I wonder what that stain is from?

The place is disgusting…

How are the snow sculptures doing?

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