Thunder Bay – Sunday

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MV CSL Tadoussac on the left and the MV Federal Bering on the right

CCGS Samual Risley and Tug Glenada join in

Two broken barricades.

Bubble system at Pier 3 is turned off.

Poo bag

In need of maintenance…



Heading up to the Urban Lounge, a blurry mouthwash bottle.

Licking Limes? Jaw Drop?

It costs $3 at the LCBO?  Cheap. Glad this stuff was not around when I was young.

Trash laying around

The broken shopping cart has found a friend..or relative

Someone left the house WITH pants and returned WITHOUT pants….and they did not come back for them..ever?

Cigarette butt can at the Camelot Street entrance to St. Joseph’s Hospital.  This is new. Had there been one of these here before now….

there would not have been the disgusting mess that was/is there…and I mean disgusting.

Waverley Park pavilion so far


How are the snow sculptures doing?  Pop Art


The Thinker’s Not Thinking Anymore

The Sneaker sponsored by Budweiser, the official beer of Prince Arthur’s landing.

Jabba the Hutt

The Turtle

Queen Bey

Gord Downie

Jimmy Hendrix

Leonard Cohen

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