Thunder Bay – Monday

MV Osogovo forground, MV Federal Yoshino in background

Song Sparrow

MV Florence Spirit

Pussy Willows

Another Bald Eagle flying off in the distance.  One day, I will get a closer shot. That is my goal.


The festival stage so far.

Water line. Paint looks fresh.

Looks great, doesn’t it?  Truck tracks in the mud?

The Urban Lounge urinal.  Strong stench as usual.


You can drink, urinate and enjoy the view all at the same time.  Life is good.

Of course, there is the old standby, Kelly’s Finest.  The official wine of Prince Arthur’s Landing.

Old Milwaukee cans.

Pretty filthy, but what else is new?

Work continues on the former courthouse that is being converted into a  hotel

The Waverley Park pavilion.

When you instal a curb shutoff valve so close to the sidewalk, you are begging for it to be damaged by the sidewalk plow.  Why?


Snow sculptures so far.  Only one left is Jabba the Hutt

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