Thunder Bay – Tuesday

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Hail fell Tuesday morning.

Yup, sodewalk cyclists. They arr out in full force.

The DSSAB reno at the corner of Water and Cumberland Streets.  The work has been done. The fence and equipment has been removed.  Debris still there.  Hopefully the contractor is required to clean this up, even though a good chunk of construction debris has been allowed to escape over the winter.  City of Thunder Bay does not require contractors to keep construction debris inside work area.

The MV  Federal  Beaufort

More Tree Swallow photos

A crow

Song Sparrow


MV Osogovo

MV Federal Yoshino

Tug MV Point Valour

Tug MV Glenada

Tug MV Teclutsa visiting the MV Federal Beaufort

What would a day be without an empty bottle of Kelly’s finest to brighten things up?  Someone should have put a message in this one as it is going to be floating in the harbour soon.

MV Federal Beaufort drying its cargo holds.

Lots of utility location marking going on in the festival area.

No more snow sculptures. All gone.

Not sure why the City of Thunder Bay bothers planting grass in any park.  Grass does not hold up to vehicular traffic.

Another freight train rocketing passed the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination and future home to the four star Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.

If the former Eaton’s Building does end up becoming a self-storage facility as mentioned in a previous post, I wonder what is going to happen to the present tenants of the building? Will they be affected?

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

Another urban urinal.  The former Odeon Court building has been for sale for several years now.  Anyway, definite stench of urine.  Not may public toilets in Thunder Bay.


Shopping cart watch continues.

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