Thunder Bay – Save An Ash Tree Program

Did you know that you could adopt a tree?  Pay for the vaccination of an ash tree against the Emerald As Borer?   Of course you didn’t. The City of Thunder Bay did not publicise that piece of information. Why not?

Anyway, if you have a big tree in your neighbourhood you want to save, you must contact the parks department. They will put you in contact with a company that will do the work…and quote you a price.

It would be cheaper if the City of Thunder Bay made all the arrangements because of economy of scale.

Still, for around $300 you can save a tree for two years.

City of Thunder Bay Parks : (807) 625-2313

website here

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  1. Skippy
    Skippy at | | Reply

    what about the 10’s of thousands of black ash in the out lying areas…zero effort to save them…a complete lost cause!

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