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Council to consider one-minute idling restriction

A local physician who advocated for the city to strengthen its anti-idling bylaw sees the proposed revisions as a starting point.

Thunder Bay city council on Monday night is expected to decide on whether to impose tougher limits on drivers who leave vehicles running while parked, with administration recommending slashing the allowed time to one minute from the current five.

The proposed bylaw would include temperature exemptions, meaning it would not apply when its hotter than 27C or colder than 0C. – Tbnewswatch

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…and this by-law gets enforced how?  Nobody is enforcing the five minute idling by-law now.

The by-law enforcement gang will only investigate when they receive a complaint.  How do they enforce a by-law that restricts an activity that lasts only a few minutes?   Can’t be done.

Meanwhile illegal parking in Marina Park (idling as well) and the downtown north core are completely ignored?  Public consumption of alcohol is completely ignored?  Vandalism is completely ignored?  Littering is completely ignored?  Construction site dust, trash and debris are allowed to freely migrate all across the city?  People riding their bicycles on the sidewalk is also a violation of a city by-law yet in this city, it is completely ignored.

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