Thunder Bay – Monday

MV Federal Mosel is still anchored in the harbour

The MV CSL Welland

Brown-headed Cowbird



Hard to not photograph these Tree Sparrows. Such a bright coloured bird.

If those chairs look familiar that is because they used to be on the Pool 6 dock.  I have taken several photos of them. Turns out that the CCGS Alexander Henry will not be open for the Victoria Day weekend.  As usual, the City of Thunder Bay continues to drag its heals on everything to do with locating this vessel at  the Pool 6 site.

The ship needs to move ahead to its permanent location further along the dock, but the City of Thunder Bay must first move the pile of stuff it has stored there.  Of course, municipal bureaucracy moves at a glacial pace at the best of times. The fact that City Admin never wanted the ship located there is not helping things speed up.

If this was Brook McIlroy wanting this vessel located at the Pool 6 site, I believe things would be different.  The vessel would have been open for business last summer. Thats what I believe.

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The CSL Welland arriving

It was just a fluke that the flagpole on top of the Finnish Labour Temple and the flagpole at Hillcrest Park lined up. It does look strange.

A dead gull. Looks like a Herring Gull.

Looks like crows got at the head. Did not touch the body.

The MV Nulalik

Boats starting to appear in the marina. It opens tomorrow.

I was able to walk down Pier 3.  Is it finally open to the public?  I’m not holding my breath.

Work continuing on the Festival Stage area

Hmmm…using a plate packer.  This is a rare sight in deed.  City work crews using a compacting device.

Always have wondered what the City of Thunder Bay’s policy is on wearing head protection. Hard hats.  I know that workers are given them, but I rarely see City of Thunder Bay work crews wearing them.

I know that the City of Thunder Bay does have someone in charge of safety.  I wonder what that person does?

The tug MV Point Valour.


Last week, the City of Thunder Bay had a contractor working on the bridge. The street was closed to traffic.  Why could the contractor not have repaired this catchbasin as well?  You know, add the work onto the bridge tender?    That way, it would be fixed right now.

I believe this to be a female Brown-headed Cowbird.

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