Thunder Bay – Street Vendors

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The Future of Thunder Bay’s Business District?

Selling jewelry off of a blanket on the sidewalk. Evidently, you do not need to have any type of permit or licence to operate a business in Thunder Bay.  Just throw a blanket on the sidewalk in front of the Hoito and you’re in business.

No taxes to worry about. No licenses or permits.  Zero overhead.  Life is good.

Why this is permitted in Thunder Bay is beyond me. I would believe that the City of Thunder Bay would be protecting businesses that pay taxes but that is not the case.

Imagine a brick and mortar jewelry store trying to compete against a blanket laying on the sidewalk.  Well that is exactly what is happening on Bay Street.  Is it fair competition?

The police seem to think all is fine as they wave and smile at the blanket business every day as they stroll on by.

Its hard enough to run a business in this tight fisted, bargain hunting, three Walmart city. The City of Thunder bay does not have to make it even harder by allowing people to basically operate business out of the trunk of their cars, or off of blankets.  Its unfair competition.  But who cares right?  Not the City of Thunder Bay.

The City of Thunder Bay likes to collect taxes. It does not like to do anything to earn that money.

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