Thunder Bay – Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday (click on any image to enlarge)

Drilling at the corner of Bay and Algoma Streets continues

The dead gull so far.

Tug MV Teclutsa

The Tai Chi statues location so far

Still there

This catchbasin is in need or work.  Utilities have been marked sooo maybe work will begin soon…or maybe not.


Drilling at the corner of Bay and Algoma Streets looks like its wrapping up. I wonder if something will finally be built on this lot.


Hmmm…CJ newspaper trash ready to go feral?  Maybe someone will clean it up first….maybe not.



The MV Algoma Strongfield

The CCGS Alexander Henry’s anchor is now on display

Red-winged Blackbird

Tree Swallow

Mallard Duck

Canada Goose flyby


Double-crested Cormorant


Red Admiral butterfly

Mallard ducks


Yellow Warbler

the proposed four star Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel so far

House Sparrow

Still standing guard

although the nest looks empty

Hey, close enough is good enough for horseshoes, hand-grenades and butt tossing.  Yes, the smokers could have dropped the butts INTO the can but what fun is that? Right?

The Waverley Park pavilion had it official opening ceremony but its still not complete. This outlet is OK.

This one’s OK

This one’s OK

Not OK….

Not complete whatever this is going to be…

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    Please try to upload your photos again. It looks like they didn’t upload. Thank you.

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