Ontario – PCs Win Majority Government In Spite Of Having Doug Ford As Leader

‘Magic’ of simple message, simple strategy led to Ford victory

PCs benefited from a voting public tired of Liberals, still skeptical of NDP

He may be polarizing to a significant segment of voters, have run a messy campaign and come with his own political baggage, but Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford may just have been the “ideal candidate” to win this Ontario election.

This assessment comes not from a conservative political partisan, but from Don Guy, veteran Liberal political campaign strategist, former campaign director and former chief of staff to Liberal ex-premier Dalton McGuinty.

“I think he was the ideal candidate because he gave small-c conservative voters a very comfortable home, a very comfortable archetype and a very strong message,” he said.

Certainly Ford benefited significantly from a voting public looking for change —  tired of the Liberals and their unpopular leader Kathleen Wynne, who was never able to completely distance herself from the scandal-plagued McGuinty years or convince voters she represented a clean start for the party.

Ford, as well, was able to capitalize on Ontario voters who may have had no love for him, but remained somewhat skeptical of the NDP.

But Ford’s majority win was also a vindication for his team against the naysayers, including some in his own party, who believed his rise to the leadership doomed their chances.

In the end, his controversial years by the side of his brother Rob Ford during his reign as mayor, scandals over party nominations, last-minute headlines about legal disputes with his brother’s widow — none of it had enough impact to curb his path to victory.

While there may be similarities with Trump in terms of populist appeal, Ford, like his brother, had made significant inroads into various ethnic communities in Toronto, and his campaign has none of the xenophobia attached to the U.S. president’s, said Brock.

And like his brother, Doug Ford portrayed himself as a tax-cutting warrior, a fiscal conservative who believes governments waste too much taxpayers’ money.

That message, says Guy, was simple and repeated over and over —  a Ford government will be a responsible steward for taxpayers’ money, “and that help is on the way for hard-working families.”

Ford said he would cut taxes, cut the price of gas, cut hydro rates, cut the price of beer and eliminate the deficit while spending billions on transit and infrastructure projects. – CBC News

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Obviously people are getting tired of watching their tax dollars being flushed down the toilet. People are getting tired of governments unable to balance their budgets.  People are tired of governments swinging so far to the left that they make the NDP looks like moderates.

Also, we now have a province divided. There is the people who live in Toronto and then there is everyone else.  That is the same divide that  exists in the US right now.  Large cities are Democratic while the rest of the country is Republican.

How does one lose an election to Doug Ford?  And he won a majority of seats in Queens Park.  Doug Ford?  I guess people were REALLY pissed off.  Or it was the Russians!

Did Vlad want a Doug Ford majority government?

Anyway, it turns out that the polls were right. The vote percentage between the PCs and the NDP was very close.  (PC 46.64%, NDP 33.69%)  However, where that vote was concentrated made all the difference.  The NDP won most of their seats by very large margins against the PCs while the close races were usually against Liberals.  The PCs vote was spread out across the province allowing them to win more seats. They did not blow away the opposition. They got enough votes to win and that’s all.

This election is a prime example of why we need election reform. If there was any other system of voting in place, we would either have a PC minority government (proportional representation) or even possibly an NDP majority (ranked voting).  There is no reason on earth that a party that gets 40% of the vote gets 61% of the seats in government. A majority government should get at least 50% of the vote plus one.

What does this mean for the City of Thunder Bay?  The news is not good.  The direct pipeline to the wallets of the people of Ontario is now gone.  Will the City of Thunder Bay, a city that is heavily dependant on the kindness of strangers,  start to learn to live within its means?  I hope so.  Does it have a choice?  Will our high salaried residents of City Hall raise property taxes by double figures?

Every tax dollar that is removed from our wallets is one dollar less that we can spend in shops, restaurants, cafes, on entertainment or recreation.

What does this election mean for the proposed $40 million Thunder Bay Art Gallery project?  Expect zero provincial funding for that project.  Expect zero additional funding from the City of Thunder Bay as they will need to channel tax dollars to other projects.  The Federal Government?  They just bought a pipeline for $4.5 billion.

I guess we will have to sit back and see what happens.  There will be some pain. That is for sure.  There is no such thing as free.  Remember that.

PS- Could we see the same thing happen next year federally?  You bet.

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  1. Andy Wolff
    Andy Wolff at | | Reply

    It doesn’t help that the media especially Global TV brain washes the public into believing there are only four parties in existance. Perhaps if there was an equal opportunity for other parties to be able to step forward with there plans, democracy may move forward.

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