Thunder Bay – Saturday

Mostly overcast day. Breezy. Click on any image to enlarge.

I think the brown Tree Swallows are juveniles. The female is still inside the box likely sitting on the eggs.

The MV Momentum Scan is still at Keefer Terminal

The MV Skawa is still anchored waaay out in the bay.

Yup…yer in Thunder Bay

I know, I have taken photos of this before but its good practice to try and get the everything exposed properly.

More utilities have been located at the south end of Marina Park. City of Thunder Bay is going to spend some your money (taken at the point of a gun) gifted back City of Thunder Bay by the Ontario Government back when it was trying to buy the election.  They attempted buying of the election did not work.

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Vandalism or lack of maintenance in the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million premier tourist destination?

Me? I don’t photograph people.  Well, not up close.

This Yellow Warbler is there everyday. Seems to be curious.  I wonder if there is a nest nearby?

Dandelions go from bright yellow to this. This is ugly.

Saturday, so there is a car parked on the pedestrian crosswalk.   What else is new?  I am surprised that people don’t park their vehicles in the fountain pond.  Who would care?

Thunder Bay Vintage Sports Car Club 2018 Back to the Bay Rendezvous Show ‘n Shine Car Show.  I was there early.  I will return later.

What would a trip down to Marina Park be without the constant harassment by the crows.  Believe me, I give as good as I get.  I have earned their attention.

Back to the car show. More cars.  Hard to get a photo of a car with no people in it, so I just took front of car photos.

This is what the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel is supposed to look like when completed.

Some tulips are still blooming

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