Thunder Bay – Sunday

Welcoming me to the park.

The Walk For Diabetes


The MV Federal Churchill

Judging from the location of these, I believe its our future naval recruits learning how to operate Canada’s future frigates….when they ever get built.  Wind power is cheap.

The tug MV Point Valour

Does Safeway have any idea how many of their shopping carts are laying around the city?

Getting those bugs flying close to the water


Did not take very long to get these Magic Cones out.  I first noticed the damaged area yesterday.

taken yesterday

Song Sparrow

The Yellow Warbler…still there


The Walk for Diabetes HQ

Going to take a photo

Everyone say “cheese”

Its over..

The Festival Area stage so far…

This is new

The Tai Chi statue site so far

The Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass) loiterers have found a new place to deposit their trash.  Way up high.

Looks like this might be a discarded pizza slice.

Trash deposited way up high

and graffiti returns to the windows

What is in the trash?  See anything that can be recycled in there?  It does not matter. All this will end up in the landfill site.  The City of Thunder Bay is not a big recycler when it comes to the downtown areas.

The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association building.  It used to be a fire hall back in the Port Arthur days

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