Thunder Bay – Monday

Large cloud of dust caused by trucks driving through construction area

Did the contractor remove all the asphalt from one end of the contract to the other first?  Normally, the contractor starts digging at the low end of the hill and works his/her way up to the top.  If the contractor removed the asphalt just ahead of the excavation, then vehicles entering from the top would be driving on asphalt instead of gravel.

Its hard to say.  What you can tell is that this end is gravel…and this end is very dusty.

No dust suppression requirement on city road contracts. Why not?

Maybe we are living in hell right now.  How do you know?

The Common Grackle



Do crew members get paid?  They will work for free?

Supposed to be fountaining this Friday

The pond needs to be thoroughly cleaned

Duck family

My friends the crows

The Tai Chi statue location so far


You want a good photo of a crow in flight, just follow me around Marina Park

Looks dead. Tiger Swallowtail

No construction in sight but the sign is there.

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