Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Sigh…Court Street has a bike lane…so why ride on Water Street and Cumberland Streets?  Cumberland Streets has a low traffic volume. Few cars. Slow moving cars.

The MV Algoma Strongfield

Loading grain…what grain?  Wheat maybe?

New bird boxes erected on the Pool 6 property

Some are already occupied

Red-wing Blackbirds are fearless when defending their nests.

Painted turtles

More Common Grackle photos. Watching this bird is fascinating.  Those eyes….



MV Algonova

Baby geese

This Friday, the fountain will be fountaining

Yes, the crows are accompanying me around the park.

Tai Chi statue area so far. Might see the statues installed by the weekend.

Waverley Park pavilion is still not finished.  Why not?

Imagine living in that construction hell.  The dust cloud was much worse but by time I noticed it and took this photo, it had dissipated.

Are contractors required to control the amount of dust their equipment stirs up in residential areas? My guess is the requirement is minimal at best.

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