Thunder Bay – Wednesday

White lilacs?  How can there be white lilacs?

Bunch of Tiger Swallowtail photos

Caught this dragonfly in flight. Lucky shot.

Windy day out in the harbour

The MV Algoma Strongfield looks like its all ready to go

The ship is headed out

Ever notice how long it takes the City of Thunder Bay to fix something?

The wind causing dust cloud from the Thunder Bay Terminals area. Coal dust?

The end of the cruise

Vehicles raising dust clouds in the STILL GRAVEL!!!! Waterfront Plaza parking lot.  Its been gravel for……seven or eight years now?   Is it ever going to be paved?

In the meantime, the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination has a gravel parking lot next to the fountain….the fountain that is used as a wading pool by children…starting this Friday.  Yes…spending $71 million PLUS gets you a gravel parking lot smack dab in the heart of the recreation area.

Water in the fountain pond

Not super clean water

Since this water jet is not jetting water.for some reason, why not use it?

Still not fixed

And then there are the crows

Yup..we are in Thunder Bay


I would think that the driver training simulator that the City of Thunder Bay purchased to teach operators how to be safe drivers might tell the drivers which side of the street they are supposed to park on.  You know, leave your parked vehicle pointed in the right direction?  Its not rocket science.

Pretty sure that parking your vehicle facing the oncoming traffic lane is illegal…but what do I know?

Does the City of Thunder Bay have someone in charge of driving safety?  Must be the easiest job in the world.

Old Milwaukee is a popular brand of beer among the outdoor drinking community.

I wonder what brands are big sellers at the Cumberland Street LCBO?  Kelly’s Wine has to be right up there.

Not sure why this is here….its in the north downtown core.

Landscape work going on at the St. Joseph Hospital expansion

This was amazing. This is EXACTLY what I have been saying all along about cutting concrete. Water minimizes the dust. Yes…its that simple.

Cutting concrete while someone applies water to reduce the dust

and you can see that it works….it really works

and it cost almost nothing…

compare with this scene from September 12, 2017

Preparing plant beds in Waverley Park. We might get flowers planted in the park before mid July this year

Its green when laid down but sod turns brown if you do not water it.  Why is watering the sod not part of the contract?  Water the sod for a month or so until the roots take hold

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