Thunder Bay – Saturday


Banning Street construction

Why not remove this piece of sidewalk as well?   What;s the point?  How much money was saved by not removing and replacing this?

The banning Street work was supposed to be finished last year but the contractor only completed half.  The same contractor did the work on Court Street.  How the City of Thunder Bay expected this company to complete both projects in one season is a mystery.

The former church at the corner of Secord and Cornwall Streets, or what’s left of it.

I guess it won’t be complete after the long weekend.

I wonder what is going to take place here?

MV Whistler

MV Olza

MV Faglegracht


Must have been quite the wind

Still trying to find out what type of caterpillars these are. A moth of some sort I believe.

Where did all the water go?  The water level in the harbour dropped maybe half a metre. It did it quickly.

This area was covered by water last time I walked by.

Turns out, this is caused by a natural phenomenon where water moves from one side of the lake to the other.  Like a tide.  My understanding that it is caused by humidity levels?  Anyway, we are talking about a huge amount of water.

The Spirit Garden’s “Healing Garden”. This is part of the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Its a joke.  Are the plants on the sign even there?  Who knows?

Another facility that is part of the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 PLUS premier tourist destination. The boat launch area.  Only three out of the four launch ramps are usable.  One has been closed for several years now.

The docks are in poor condition. The one in the foreground is extremely dangerous.  The severe sideways tilt creates a slipping hazard. Slipping into the water or slipping between the boat and the dock.   People are charged for using this facility.  Zero maintenance.  What is done with that money?

I guess our high salaried residents of City Hall are waiting for free money from Queens Park or Ottawa to fall from the sky to pay for a new boat launch facility.  No point in repairing something today if it MAY be  be replaced sometime in the future, right?   In the meantime, just suck it up boaters.  This is as good as it gets in Thunder Bay.

Hand washing is important but these stations only appear during special events.


Baby stage is wheelchair accessible.

Pier 2 is in need or repairs but what else is new down in the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Many features need repair.

Is the private developer ever going to build the commercial building on Market Square as promised?  I hope so, because if its not then heads need to roll in City Hall. Why?

The Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office), #2 in figure below, only exist now because the private developer wanted to lease the land, #7 in figure below,  next to the fountain directly opposite the Water Garden Pavilion, #1 in figure below.

Before the private developer leased that land, a building was supposed to be built there. A building that served the same purpose that the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) does now…but in a better, more convenient location.  Direct access to parking and the fountain area.

The former CPR Freight Office building was never supposed to be touched….at least not to the extent that it was.

If the private developer does not build the Market Building that is part of Market Square, then we taxpayers have been screwed.

Lets get that Market Square built now!!! City Hall is already talking about Phase 2, while Phase 1 is still not complete.  I want to see it finished before I die.  Is that too much to ask?

Around the fountain.  Children are running around their bare feet.

Train Station being leased to private developer.  Are they paying for this roof work?  Is it the taxpayer?

Our high salaried residents of City Hall allowed the roof to get into this condition.  Its a heritage building!

I would thing a good design would have water running away from the fountain instead of towards it. 

Remember…Phase 1 is still not finished.

How long before Pier 3 gets rebuilt?

I watched this bottle that was floating in the marina.  Its reflection changed shape as it bobbed up and down in the water.

You can see the MV Saginaw on the background

A good design would have water draining away from the base of the giant piece of public art.

MV Whistler

Police talking with a group of future Canadian leaders. Several of the group were obviously under the influence of some substance.  Not a good look for the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.

Hmmm…..public drinking is not a good look for the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination

Hmmm…spray paint?

Another empty bottle of Kelly’s finest fortified wine.

LCBO bag

Wine bottle cap

Another empty bottle of Kelly’s finest wine.

Looks like a wine bottle that has been bobbing around in the lake for a while.

This is where the police officers were talking with the group of future Canadian leaders.

Discarded LCBO bag

Two wine bottle caps….no empties though.

Future Market Square

Fourth empty Kelly’s finest wine bottle today.  It must be a new record.

Unguarded hole in road

Looks like someone moved the Magic Cone. Here it sits doing absolutely nothing.

while this hole lurks in the pedestrian crosswalk waiting to do some harm.

A Thunder Bay zero riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.

Looks like someone is doing some work on the old Kivela Bakery building.

No…no there is no construction going on.  This sign have been taken down after the workers had left.

The moth’s camouflage is not working to its advantage when attached to my backdoor screen.  It is not blending in very well.

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