Canada – Sortition – Maybe Its Time Has Come

Sortition: the use of random selection to populate a legislative assembly. (parliament, congress)

If its a good enough system to choose a group of people that may decide if someone should spend the rest of his/her life in prison, then why could a random system of selecting a government not work?  Would it not be better than what we have now?

Might a good way of forming a Senate?  Sortition.  Its a real thing.  Do you think politicians will ever agree to eliminate their jobs?  Of course not!!  That’s why it must be a good idea.

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  1. Walter
    Walter at | | Reply

    elections are supposed to be for someone that wants the job. That person is someone the people select that’s supposed to be the best.

    How many people actually want to sit on a jury? Very few. The same effect would apply with a parliament selection.. nobody would want the job.

    random selection actually removes the input from the public but just throwing any person into the mix. The people don’t want random, they want the best person for the job, and that person is someone that wants the job in the first place.

    on the surface Sortition looks like a good idea but when you look at it with any serious consideration you can quickly see its a farce.

    If you really want better government you have to eliminate the “me” effect. Todays selfish society only seems to vote for whomever promises to give them things. The problem with that is government does not have anything to give that wasn’t already yours to begin with. This selfish “me” affect is destroying democracy. Its the “special interest” groups that want special treatment and then vote in “blocks” using their own selfishness that are the problem.

    The solution is for people to learn to vote for the good of the country/province/city when those elections occur, not the good of “me”

    Get rid of the selfish “me” people, get back to a society where people look after themselves instead of expecting the government to do it for them and then democracy will flourish again…. but that wont happen because people are too selfish and they will eventually destroy the country.

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