Thunder Bay – Friday

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Common Merganser and young in group formation

Now transitioning into line formation

Notice the young riding on the mother’s back

MV Whistler

MV Olza

MV Federal Bering

Came across a fork in the road

and a fork in the planter

and an empty vodka bottle

Two flowers getting very close

Is it a mouse?

Cabbage White butterfly

Female Red-winged Balckbird


American Goldfinch keeping its distance

Red-winged Blackbird yelling at me

This one has something to eat


A baby Red-winged blackbird crying for food

Dad shows up

Looks for something to eat

Young bird still hungry

Looks again for a bug or something

Can’t see anything

Hmm…I wonder what is going through the parent’s head right now?


If you are wondering where all those foam insulation particles that you can find all over the centre of Marina Park, this is my guess.  I guess if you are a contractor in  this city, you can do anything you want.

That Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) lamp that was held up by silicon sealant has been removed. Replaced by a gold old Magic Cone.

This is the type of lamp I am talking about.



Foam insulation particles

Creating havoc for spiders

In the water

Superior by Nature indeed.  Looks like crap, just in time for Bluesfest/

and I believe it all comes from here

I think its dead

at least they did not throw their trash on the ground.  They had to walk passed several trash cans to get to their car but this is much easier.

Bluesfest ready to go

People already lined up to get in.

They were not around yesterday but they came back today.  I did miss them.

Work continues on the train station roof

The Urban Lounge’s (pedestrian overpass’s) urinal still smells like urine. No surprise there.

Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass) still has wine bottle caps laying around.

and an empty “bottle shaped” LCBO bag as well.  Maybe the City of Thunder Bay should ask the LCBO not to sell fortified wine?   Who, other than the city’s “walking dead” population buys that stuff?

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