Thunder Bay – Saturday

Popular amongst the street drinking crowd

Put a $1.00 deposit on these things and they too will disappear

and the Chronicle Journal was doing sooo good.

Looks like this won’t be open to visitors this summer?

The MV CSL St. Laurent

You can always tell this ship by the giant mural on the front of the afterhouse

The MV Cuyahoga 

Won’t get too many more photos of the Tree Swallows soon as they will move away from the Pool 6 pond area.

American Goldfinch. Is this a young bird?

A female?

Older male?


A cross in the concrete.  Will religious pilgrims start to come to Pool 6 to see it?

A Spotted Sandpiper

Safeway, come and get your shopping carts

Ducklings almost grown up

Electrical tape looks like crap. This is the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination and you see this kind of crap every day down there.

MV Olza still anchored out there

MV Federal Bering

Longest line I have ever seen in Thunder Bay to get into anything.  It stretched from the Camelot Street entrance passed the hotel construction site

The City of Thunder Bay still owns this building. Why not sell it?

Performers look pretty small on the big new stage

There were a pair of giant video screens, one on each side of the stage, to allow people sitting way in the back to see what is happening on the stage.

Down at the north end of Marina Park

Some people were sitting out on the yachts.






This catchbasin is still not repaired.  Its been like this all year.

Could have include the work as part of the overpass deck work last month but noooooo.



My friends.

Always figured there is a photo book here depicting railway car graffiti.






MV Whistler

Float plane dock area has been cleaned up some but not completely

More work needs to be done.  Who is in charge of our lakeshore?





The view of Keefer Terminal from Richardson’s Grain Terminal

A beach that is virtually unknown. Why not clean it up so people can use the area?


Some ravens playing? or fighting? or both?

They may have been having fun.  A family out and about.

Another fork in the road.





People crossing the tracks at the Camelot Street entrance



Of course, where there train tracks, there are trains

The train did stop to allow quite a few people to cross

But eventually, the train did move on

Lots of railway police presence.

People were filing in all afternoon




Ooooo another train heading toward the Camelot Street entrance. Yay!

This guy was speeding on the sidewalk, even though there are bike lanes on both sides of the street.

He came flying around this building. If I was a few seconds faster and he would have hit me.  I would have been seriously injured. A child could easily have been killed.  Such is the life of a pedestrian walking on Thunder Bay’s sidewalks.

A fork in the sidewalk

Pavement about to be damaged by backhoe tracks

These things can damage asphalt easily.  City of Thunder Bay does not care.

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