Thunder Bay – Sunday

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Funny how the brand of empty beer cans found around the city changes soooo quickly. Budweiser, Old Milwaukee,  Carling now Coors

Yup, you are in Thunder Bay alright

See any recyclable stuff in there?  It does not matter as all of this will be sent to the landfill.

Pretty sure that vehicles are not to park here.  For some reason though, I see cars parked here every day.  Was this not the same issue that Bonobo’s restaurant faced?  Why is it they were not allowed to have vehicles park along side their building but here, its allowed?  These cars are parked on a city boulevard.  Not allowed as far as I know, but parking in Thunder Bay is never enforced anyway.

Poo bag


MV Irma headed to port

Common  Grackle

Storm a brew’n

Nobody in the fountain yet.

MV Olza still anchored out in the bay.

People lining up for the Bluesfest

Some empty beer cans.

Someone as actually cleaning the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass)  Bluesfest volunteer is my guess.  City of Thunder Bay could do that but that costs money and our city is broke.

Loiterers in the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass) waiting to toss litter on the floor.  Cigarette butts for sure.

Could ride on Court Street which is two blocks east of Algoma Street. Court Street has bike lanes and runs parallel to Algoma Street.  However, if the riders do not have to, they won’t.  Bike lanes use should be compulsory.

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