Thunder Bay – Monday

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DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets.  I heard that the place may house people that are hard to place anywhere else.  Not sure what that means.

Lawsuit waiting to happen

Another lawsuit waiting to happen.

Can’t say for sure where this litter originated but the Chronicle Journal HQ is on the other side of the street.

Signs are up but the ship is not open to visitors. I see lots of people go there only to find they can’t go on board. Might have been better to install the signs closer to opening day?  Cover them?  Anyway, this situation is not good.

This is what you see when you get there.  Can’t go on the ship so you turn around and go back.

MV Irma

That’s as close as the Goldfinch would come today

MV Olza

MV Anet

MV G3 Marquis

Song Sparrow

This stuff must go down really smoothly

because there were



three empty cans laying here

plus the mandatory McD fries container

Conversation is not big at the Canada Goose dinner table

Not sure what is going on here.

The top bee was flying around carrying this smaller bee.

Finally saw another Yellow Warbler today.  I have heard them every day but seeing them is tough.  They are small.

The foam installation particles fouling the marina shoreline

Who cares, right?  If its plastic, it will never disappear. It will always be in the water.

A dove.  A Mourning Dove?

Foam insulation particles in the fountain pond

Some trees are producing this fluff. Here its floating on the water accompanied by foam insulation particles.

Bluesfest..what goes up, must come down

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is.  I guess a vendor had some leftovers and dumped them on the trail.

The baby crow. This is the baby of the two crows that harass me every day.  This what they are trying to protect.

Here is one of the parents.


Trees in Waverley Park. Its like snow falling.

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