Thunder Bay – Tuesday

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Not a great photo as the bird was in shadows.  Still it is a Blue Jay.  Hope to get a better photo one day.

Always bugs me to see water pouring into a catchbasin.  In a few hours, more water went into this catchbasin than I use in a year.

Flushing the plastic pipes

Soon, Court Street will be closed from Bay Street to Wilson Street.  Sewer and water pipes are being replaced.

Still could have used the bike lane instead of the sidewalk.  The lanes are right there.  A Thunder Bay zero. No helmet. No safety vest.

A Thunder Bay hero riding her bike where it is supposed to be ridden.  Notice the hemet and the bright coloured vest. She is smart.

The source of the water

Another hole forming at a catchbasin.  A major problem for Thunder Bay. Obviously, the people who install these catchbasins are doing something wrong.  There is no reason why these holes around catchbasins should exist.   None.

Our high salaried residents of City Hall are continuously letting us taxpayers down by either producing a faulty piece of infrastructure themselves or accepting a faulty piece of infrastructure produced by a contractor.  There are specifications, are there not?

Fixing these things costs money.

Kids are growing up fast

American Goldfinch.  I think this is a young bird.

I think this is a young Red-winged Blackbird as welll

Plastic Straw

MV Irma

Bald Eagle with fish

MV Evans Spirit

MV Anet

Latest McDonald’s trash at Pool 6.  Why does McDonals not hire some students to cleanup the after their customers. The downtown and parks?  Why not?  Great PR

My friends. The kid is grown up now so they seem to be more relaxed when I am around.

Tug MV Point Valour

MV G3 Marquis

The big stage area

Still not fixed

Patio going up outside the Foundry

What’s in the bag? Beer cans?

Looks like a totem pole

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