Thunder Bay – Wednesday


Flowers laying on sidewalk ripped from this

A Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle on the street where it belongs.

I wonder what this was used for?

Court Street is going to be closed between Bay and Wilson Streets soon due to construction.  Likely for a four to six weeks.   Why is there no sign at each end of the project warning drivers when this will happen?  Why not give drivers advanced warning?

I don’t think this will ever get properly finished.  Leaving it like this is not right.

Common Merganser…probably a young one.

Painted turtle.

MV G3 Marquis in background

Young ducks are almost grown up.

White Admiral butterfly.  Notice it is standing on two legs.


Double-crested Cormorant

Lots of roses

Why not deliver groceries to the waterfront restaurant BEFORE the fountain area opens?  BEFORE children and their parents show up to play.  Why are deliveries allowed when the area is full of children?  Trucks are allowed to illegally park on or directly adjacent to a pedestrian crosswalk running between the fountain/wading pond and the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office). This limits sight lines for both pedestrians and drivers.  Yet, in Thunder Bay, this is business as usual.

All deliveries for both the waterfront restaurant AND the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) should be done BEFORE 11 am.

MV Tecunseh

MV Irma

MV Anet


Duck family swimming through  reflections

Getting ready for the show tonight. Live on the Waterfront.

This is  big operation.  This is going to happen every Wednesday?

They have not forgotten about me.

Another fine painting job by the City of Thunder Bay. This is at the Water Street bus terminal.  Looks great does it not?

Sigh…is this as good as it gets?  This quality of work is acceptable?   We are paying for this?

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