Thunder Bay – Friday

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Another Tiger Lily photo. Hard to walk passed this much colour without photographic it.

Court Street so far.

Looks like there was concrete under that asphalt.  The streets in Port Arthur were concrete at one time.

Some large piece of machinery was parked here.  This is the mess it made.

A Yellow Sulphur Butterfly

MV Irma

MV Anet

Why buy only one can?  Looks this holds 24.

How long before Minute Maid makes a spiked apple juice?  Orange juice?

Pretty sure the CCGS Alexander Henry is not going to have handicapped access.  There are lots of stairs on that ship.


Arby’s?  People still eat there?   You don’t see much Arby’s trash on the waterfront.

Virginia Ctenucha Moth

I wonder what this is?

Male Mallards losing all their colour.  It happens every year.

When the female duck begins to incubate, the male generally deserts her and joins forces with other males, often after making a molt-migration to another area some distance from the breeding site. The nuptial plumage is lost, and a dull “eclipse” plumage, rather femalelike, is assumed before the simultaneous molt of the flight feathers. The resulting flightless condition lasts three or four weeks, during which the birds skulk in thick cover or remain on large bodies of water. In female ducks this wing molt is delayed until after the young have fledged. The eclipse plumage is succeeded in three to six months by the next nuptial plumage.  – Encyclopaedia Britannica

Song Sparrow

The “useless as tits on a bull ” Celebration Circle” empty as usual.

The seating logs that people are expected to sit on?

Looks like a young Yellow Warbler  hiding in the shrubs.

Bee on clover

Happening this weekend

Chased in the water by a dog.

Stairway to heaven?  Looks like the hotel sign is now gone

The city is Superior by Nature. Surrounded by water.  On the shore of the world’s largest fresh water lake.  Yet this fountain is where people go to get wet.  There is something wrong with that.

Big stage packed up.

Still not fixed

Looks lie someone emptied their pockets here.  Did not bother to place the stuff in the trash. One of the several trash cans this person would have had to walk passed to get out of the park.

Big fluffy clouds

Single loiterer. Why not sit outside under a tree?  Why there?

Hey…they are still alive.  Can’t fly yet

The baby crow whose parents screamed at me every time I walked through the north halfof Marina Park

Another Thunder Bay zero

The graffiti alley Cooke Street. Big day there tomorrow.

Merged three photos together to create this panorama. The vehicle did not turn out right but it does look like a piece of public art.

The Foundry’s patio so far

Apple Chipotle’s patio so far.

Notice the bike lane that this rider is completely ignoring?

What a finished sidewalk is supposed to look like.

This what the Water Street sidewalk looks like right now.  Notice any difference?

Another Thunder Bay zero

and another Thunder Bay zero…all riding their bicycles on the sidewalk instead of the street, where they belong.

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