Thunder Bay – CCGS Alexander Henry

Open to the public now Thursdays to Mondays

Lots of cars. Most I have ever seen here, other than the when the Premier was in town handing out cash last spring.

This where everyone who is not an engineer or an officer eats.

The Galley

Can’t remember whose cabin this is.  Passenger probably.  Many passengers were lighthouse keepers being ferried to and from their posts.

Quarters increase in size the more important you are onboard.



Some rooms have historical information in them

The Canteen

The steering gear

The emergency manual steering wheel

If you can’t climb stairs, then you are very limited where you can go on the ship. The stairs are very steep as well.


One of the ship’s engine order telegraphs


Engineers’ shower/toilet

Ship’s office

Officers’ dining room

Captain’s table

Pantry where dumbwaiter is located.

A menu


Not sure if that is the RMS Titanic

Ship’s anchor

worth a look if you are interested.  No engine room though.

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