Thunder Bay – Saturday

Buskerfest 2018. I took a quick walk through. Double click on any image to enlarge.

Car show at Fat Guys Auto

The “lets use the useless-as-tits-on-a-bull Celebration Circle for a couple of days” theatre project Saturday noon  show was about to start

White Admiral

Open for visitors Thursday to Monday 10am to 5pm.

Why do I mention  this so often?  I go down there very day.  Have been for years.  I saw just how hard the people that are involved with the Lakehead Transportation Museum worked to get the site and the ship ready for visitors.  Hard physical work. Every day. Volunteers.  They deserve your support, especially considering the City of Thunder Bay’s support for this facility is minimal at best.

Compare this with the proposed $33 million (will be more) 92% plus taxpayer funded, privately owned art gallery.  Do you think you will see the art gallery director out cutting the grass?  Board of directors?  You think anyone of them will help clear the snow out of the parking lot in the winter?   Of course not.

More railway car graffiti.

MV Labrador

Funny how feral shopping carts seem to multiply

The Pearl Street entrance crow family.  These are not to be confused with the Camelot Street entrance crow family which I have photographed often.  This is a family of four. Camelot Street crows are a family of three.  Here you have an adult sitting on a backhoe mirror and being joined by one of the kids.

Calls for the other adult who is off with the other young crow.

The other adult crow

The other young crow joins the other adult on the roof of the backhoe

Are they racing?

Blah blah blah car parked illegally in front of the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) directly in front of a marked pedestrian crosswalk. A crosswalk that runs between the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) and the fountain area that is a children’s play area.

Could have parked in this pulloff area that is located at the north end of the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office). You can see the door located on the north end of the building.  You can see how close that door is the the pulloff area

This door can be used to bring stuff into the building and take stuff out of the building.

MV Algoma Guardian

Getting ready for Machine de Cirque’s Truck Stop. 

A new empty Smirnoff Vodka bottle on the roof of the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office)

Work continues on the Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Graffiti on the ramp leading to/from the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass) The sad part is that the quality of graffiti that is found on that structure is extremely poor.  Infantile crap.  Tells you a lot about the assholes that are putting it there.

A group of young people were cleaning this Friday.  I wonder who is paying them?

This is what it looks like when the marker writing/drawing is removed from the glass.

LCBO bag

Elementary school level crap.

See anything in there that can be recycled?  It does not matter as it is all going to end up in the landfill.

Saskatoonberry Swirl gelato

The Foundry’s patio is open

The Thunder Bay market is looking for a larger location than the CLE grounds?  The old Eaton’s building could have been such a location.  It would have been a great location for the proposed $33 million (will be more)  92% plus taxpayer funded, privately owned art gallery.  Would have been a great permanent location for the Thunder Bay Market.  Now its owned by U-Haul.

Parents teaching their young cyclist child the proper why to ride a bicycle.  These parents are GREAT parents.  We need more of them.

Notice the other Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle in a bike lane where he should be riding it.

A parking meter used to be here.  I wonder where it went?

Court Street sewer and water line replacement

This is the stuff they are replacing.

Is this an old water pipe or an old sewer pipe?

Some people did adopt a tree.

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