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    Mr. Angus is a broad brush man. You know. The big picture.

    That was alright when he ran for MPP and MP. He was sidelined in the backbenches of opposition and the damage he could do was circumscribed.

    As Councillor, he has an actual vote. The bigger the project, the higher the price – the better he likes it. (Remember he was going to open up the depleted Atikokan iron mines and build and operate a whole new generation of electric trains to be deployed from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg?) If you expect Mr. Angus to develop an intellectual scaffolding around his various schemes, you will be disappointed. This will not happen.

    Wait for Mr. Commisso to explain it all. Mr. Angus will be there with his sound bite to offer his unconditional support.

    You have to shake your head.

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