Thunder Bay – Sunday

I finally decided that this is a young American Goldfinch


It was there. When I passed this spot 20 minutes later, it was gone.  Did someone move it?

The “lets use the useless-as-tits-on-a-bull Celebration Circle for a couple of days” theatre project continues.

Nice boat

MV Labrador


You can see all the different levels of the outer shell of the Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

The fence on this side of the hotel construction site has been removed

Noticed that the street light bases are not the same distance from the curb.  The line of lights does not parallel the street, which is unusual.  I have no idea why.  There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason why street lights along side the condos and hotel are located where they have been placed.  Take a look at them next time you are down there.

A gravel parking lot in the centre of the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Yes…that is Thunder Bay.  A city where a gravel parking lot is considered an improvement.

Still four condos for sale?

Another tourist season without any use of the train station.  The iconic building of the waterfront….completely wasted for almost 10 years.  Yes, that long.

More of that infantile scribbling on the ramp leading to/from the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass).


This one is several years old.  It appeared a couple of days after the wood panelling was installed on the underside of the ramp. Yes, it took that long…and it is permanent. Hurrah!

The Pagoda tourist office is open from early June to Labour Day.  Closed the rest of the year.

Sooo, during that less than three months of operation, it is closed on Sunday’s and Mondays.  Yup, for those three months. the tourist bureau located closest to the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination is closed 29% of the time.

Do our high salaried residents of City Hall not understand that the Terry Fox Lookout is located a long, long way from this spot.  A REALLY long way from this spot.  Too far to be of any use to anyone walking around the downtown.  Too far to be of any use to anyone driving around the city.  I would not drive all the way out to Terry Fox and then have to drive all the way back again just to find out where the Thunder Bay Historical Museum is.  I would simply not go to the museum, or the botanical conservatory or Centennial Park or Kam River Park etc.

Hmmmm, left in the Urban Lounge.  I wonder what could be in there?

See anything recyclable in there?  It does not matter because in Thunder Bay, it will all end up in the landfill.

Some of the quality end product we get for the tax dollars we pay.  Hole dug and filled in.  Covered with temporary layer of cold mix asphalt.   Potholes appear.

You go Thunder Bay. Next year, we will be paying more for this high quality product.  Hurrah!

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle in the bike lane.

Apple Chiplotes  patio is ready to go

Court Street construction


Ready for curb and gutter

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    Urban Lounge… I get it haha. I had to read a few blog posts to figure it out. You are bang on. Your comments may offend some in the land of the offended, to others, you speak the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Especially to the “offenders.”

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