Thunder Bay – Monday

Hopefully this green dot on this ash tree means that it is not going to be cut down.

Its a very healthy looking tree that is not located under utilty lines.  Trees located under utility lines get trimmed to death.

Come on people. Remove your posters after the your event is over.  City of Thunder Bay, which owns the poles, need to charge people/organizations/businesses for removing these.

Looks like crap.

Why drink this American swill?

Court Street construction so far.

Pear Street railway crossing is going to be repaired.

ICG…Illinois Central Gulf Railroad.  Now Illinois Central Railroad.  Its now owned by Canadian National Railway

I believe this is a juvenile Hooded Merganser

The “useless as tits on a bull” Celebration Circle is back to being useless…which it is over 97% of the time.  Great investment for the taxpayer.

The MV Labrador still out there

MV Americaborg
MV Manitoulin

City of Thunder Bay finally repairing the catchbasins at the north end of Marina Park. To do so, the overpass was closed to traffic.  Had this cathbasin been repaired by the contractor who was working on the overpass months ago, then the all this would not have been necessary.   These workers could be repairing some other piece of failing infrastructure. Its not like there is a shortage of the stuff in Thunder Bay.

Who is running this city anyway?

Oh wait, overpass is closed to traffic.

I guess not. Its only closed to the ordinary poor slob. If the City of Thunder Bay used Traffic Control Persons (formally known as Flagmen), the overpass could have remained open to two way traffic.  The City of Thunder Bay finds closing a street or overpass to traffic, no matter how small the repair is cheaper and easier for them.   It does not matter if it is inconvenient for the public.   Who the hell does the public think they are?  The public only pays their salaries.

More rail car art.

need a sofa?

I think this is a Kildeer. Notice how its left leg is fully extended in order to jump onto the rail.

Going over to Richardsons

This hole is next to the trail that runs along McVicar Creek.  I mean right beside it.  An unsuspecting pedestrian could easily step in it, especially after dark

Another Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle in the bike lane where it belongs

Not getting any better.  How long will the public have to put up with this mess before its properly repaired?  Its dangerous to even walk on.

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