Canada – Liberals Plan To Soften Carbon Tax Plan

Liberals plan to soften carbon tax plan over competitiveness concerns

The Liberal government is curtailing its plan to price carbon pollution after hearing concerns from Canadian industry officials about how the tax would impact competitiveness.

As the Globe and Mail first reported Wednesday morning, Environment and Climate Change Canada plans to release new guidelines that lower the percentage of emissions some polluters will have to pay the carbon tax on.

The decision to raise the cutoff point for carbon taxes will have the biggest impact on companies that are already more efficient than the industry average, or close to the average. They should see their tax bill decline substantially, and some of the most efficient could find themselves paying no carbon tax at all.

The worst polluters, whose emissions far exceed the average in their industries, will see their carbon tax liability shrink too, but their tax savings will be proportionately much smaller.

Back in January, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna set the benchmark at 70 per cent of an industry’s average emissions performance, meaning companies would have to pay a tax on emissions they produced in excess of that benchmark.

McKenna’s office confirmed to CBC News that they’ve adjusted the proposal to set the benchmark at 80 per cent of the industry average of emissions — and 90 per cent for producers of cement, iron and steel, lime and nitrogen fertilizer. Emissions produced beyond that point would still be subject to the tax. – CBC News

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Sooo, I guess the planet is not so bad off after all.  Saving the human race from extinction will have to wait a little longer.   Makes you wonder if Dough Ford might be on to something with his cancellation of the Carbon Tax in to Ontario.

As I have always said, Jobs trump the environment every time.   No government has the guts to do what it takes to live up to all those climate agreements that the virtue-signalling leaders have been signing.

“Not My Prime Minister” Justin Trudeau talks the virtuous talk but when it comes to walking the walk, he always comes up short.  Funny how that is.


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